TeamOdd Jobs Solutions

TeamOdd Jobs Solutions Pvt Ltd is an off-shore business process outsourcing company with off-shore unit in Mumbai, India. The company was established in 2016 as an off-shore business processing company. We specialize in data management, list building, customer service, lead generation and sales support for U.S.-based companies within the Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, and Direct Marketing industries. At TeamOdd Jobs Solutions Pvt Ltd our mission is to empower the brightest in human resources with the best in Training and latest in Technology to provide innovative and cost-effective customer relationship and business process management solutions for our clients.



TeamOdd Jobs Solutions Pvt Ltd is not just a call center, we can assist your business with its overall marketing strategy, data research, target marketing, customer service, application processing and other back-office needs. TeamOdd Jobs Solutions has the skills to integrate and manage business processes across geographical zones and technology platforms. Some of the advantages demonstrated by the TeamOdd Jobs Solutions Pvt Ltd to companies outsourcing to us include cost reduction, improved quality, flexibility and scalability of operations..

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